Nuestra Historia

While writing a novel about the struggle of a master perfumer who loses her sense of smell, Ana Patricia Licona became immersed and entangled in the world of perfumes, acquiring a passion for creating unique scents. During her frequent travels to a small atelier in Grasse, in the French Cote d’Azur, Patricia discovered the potential that the perfume capital of the world offered in the ability to create exceptional interior fragrances. Pursuing her newfound passion, she founded Aromaria.

Mission and Vision


To generate a new necessity. There was once a time when there was no electricity, today life without the light bulb would be unimaginable. As such, Aromaria strives to create an essential need for aromas in day to day life and to find fun and meaningful ways of connecting people through the sense of smell.


Aromaria aims to be the #1 scent experience provider in the industry. To enable our mission through a strong innovation and continuous development mindset in order to consistently create and deliver unique products and services that are able to impress and fulfill the needs of our clients and go beyond the highest quality standards.


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