Blooming Romance Scented Candle

$ 1,130 MXN

In collaboration with Netflix, Aromaria presents "Blooming Romance," the signature scent of Bridgerton Season 3. This scented candle immerses you in the heart of the series, bringing the essence of the era directly to your home.

Step into a realm where elegance reigns supreme with 'Blooming Romance.' Not just a scent;  an experience of timeless grace and beauty.

A coronation of bergamot's bright beginnings, ushering in the lush romance of roses and gardenia. At its heart, a delicate tryst between jasmine and ylang-ylang, wrapped in the embrace of roses. The saga concludes on a whisper of mystery, where musk, vanilla, and tonka bean entwine, crafting a legacy of warmth and sophistication.

*This is an exclusive collaboration, now available for pre-order. Shipping begins on May 25th. 

Escribiendo una novela acerca de una perfumista que perdió el sentido del olfato, Ana Patricia Licona se involucró en el mundo de los perfumes, adquiriendo una pasión por la creación de aromas únicos. Durante sus viajes frecuentes a un pequeño atelier en Grasse, Francia, Patricia descubrió el enorme potencial que, la capital mundial de perfumes, ofrecía para la creación de perfumes de interior únicos; persiguiendo tal pasión creó Aromaria.
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