Aromaria X Lululemon’s new store!

We are excited to announce Aromaria's collaboration with Lululemon for the grand opening of their Perisur store!

At the event, we aimed to provide an immersive olfactory experience for all Lululemon visitors. Guests had the opportunity to explore our most iconic scents, enhancing their shopping experience with a delightful sensory journey. To celebrate this special occasion, we also offered an exclusive discount to attendees, allowing them to take a piece of Aromaria home.

We love seeing happy customers and discovering how we can complement and enhance their shopping experience at Lululemon. Partnering with a brand that shares our passion for wellness and lifestyle was a remarkable experience.

Congratulations to Lululemon on this fantastic milestone! Thank you for choosing Aromaria to be a part of your journey. We look forward to many more collaborations that inspire and elevate the senses!


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